“I’ve been in love with love and the idea of something binding us together. You know that love is strong enough…”

I couldn’t think of a title so I decided to use lyrics from the Mowgli’s San Francisco. Sorry if the above photo is out of chronological order, wanted to start the post with an “iconic” photo. I’m actually not a huge fan of the Bay but my best friend and boyfriend are from there so… what’s a girl to do? These photos are from Halloween 2016 in San Francisco… yes, you read that correctly. These photos are from last year but I’m going to go ahead and share them anyway.

First stop in the morning was Tartine Manufactory in the Mission District. I am extremely bad with directions so I took Lyft/Uber the entire time I was in San Francisco. You can find their yelp page here.

Strolled around pretty aimlessly after breakfast since I had no set itinerary for the day. I will admit that San Francisco is way more walkable than Los Angeles.

This was actually when I had first gotten my iPhone 7 so I was testing out the portrait mode. Not too shabby huh? I actually barely use this feature because it requires so much light. Nonetheless, all the photos from this post are taken on my iPhone.

Finally got to try The Rebel Within from Craftsman and Wolves. I would highly recommend the panna cotta dessert pictured above (forgot the name, sorry). The Rebel was also delicious and consists of a half-boiled egg inside a muffin. They tend to sell out earlier in the day so I would call ahead just in case.

If you love the arts (which I do), I highly recommend going to the Minnesota Street Project. This was basically a huge warehouse building with multiple galleries inside. There were a ton of things to look at and I definitely spent more time here than expected. Pictures to follow…

I believe I spent at least 3 hours here, but 2 hours should be enough time to get through all the galleries. The shirt above looks really small but it was actually several feet tall. Downside to traveling alone is not having a model to use for scale.

Every Saturday morning there is a Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building. Not sure of the exact time, but come hungry since there are quite a few things to eat here. There was also a lovely stand that sells fresh pasta/ravioli that my friend and I purchased and made for dinner.

I just noticed the guy in the back and gave myself a scare… Wanted to include this and share that Craftsman and Wolves has a stand at the Farmer’s Market.

This is by far the best crab roll that I have ever had and can be found at Woodhouse Fish. If you only have time for one meal in San Francisco, I would highly recommend getting this. I crave this all the time, but unfortunately there is nothing like this in Los Angeles.

Best way to end the trip was a visit to SF MOMA. Didn’t want to overload you guys with photos of art so I just picked a few favorites to include in the post. There are a ton of other things to do in San Francisco that are not included here, but this trip was by far my favorite.

Last but not least, I did mention this trip was for Halloween…

I didn’t get the chance to dress up for Halloween this year because I got super sick (Steven and I had costumes picked out and everything). So here are my costumes from last year. First one is obviously not very exciting and is my go to costume if I am feeling lazy. Second was supposed to be the Snapchat deer filter but I went for a more subtle deer look.

Sorry for the long post! I’ll be back soon with more adventures.

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