Sometimes the best kind of vacation is the one in your own backyard. I am always super busy with school, so a nice staycation is always welcome. Back in March (yes I realize it’s now November), Steven and I had the pleasure of staying at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. The photo above was actually our view from the room. The photo turned out a bit gloomy, but it was actually quite a pleasant site to wake up to.

Rule #1 of any vacation for me is sleeping in (if time permits). I usually like to try and get a good nights rest if possible. In complete honesty I break rule #1 all the time. It’s so hard to sleep in when traveling to new cities because there is always so much to do! However, since we were just staying in Los Angeles, we decided to sleep in a little.

Another perk of staying at a hotel is ordering room service. Steven and I usually always stick to Airbnb so this was definitely a treat. Breakfast in bed brought to you by Ivory on Sunset. The food was unfortunately a bit underwhelming and pricey. We did however go downstairs to eat at Ivory on Sunset later on and found their late night menu to be quite tasty. Not sure why there was such a huge contrast from breakfast to dinner, but if you do stay at the Mondrian, I highly recommend going downstairs to the restaurant to eat.

We decided to have a more low-key dinner and walked over to Fig & Olive (it was less than a mile away). This is one of my go to restaurants because the food is always amazing. I would also highly recommend this restaurant for brunch/lunch as well (they are very hassle free with large parties which is a huge plus). There are huge windows that allow for a ton of natural lighting during the day making it a perfect spot for brunch. For dinner, all the lights are brought down, but not to the point where you are sitting in the dark wondering what you are eating. Ambience is key, and Fig & Olive has that down to a T.

You absolutely must order some crostini when dining at Fig & Olive. If you are having any doubts, don’t because they are amazing. There are so many to choose from and I love getting a variety for the table.

My go to entree is the Truffle Risotto. I have had a few other entrees at Fig & Olive but nothing tops this risotto for me. I opted to not get shrimp this time but it pairs perfectly if you are in need of a bit more protein.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to check out Sky Bar. We heard a lot of good things about Sky Bar, but was pretty disappointed. The decor is lovely but the bar/pool is actually on the main floor (I expected it to be a rooftop bar). It was also pretty dead for a Friday night since only hotel guests are allowed entry. (Not sure if this exclusivity is working in their favor…)

At the end of the day, Steven and I had a lovely little staycation. This was actually the calm before the storm so to say since we headed straight to Cancun after our stay at the Mondrian. Not sure if I would recommend staying at this hotel since it was quite pricey, but I’m glad I got to discover something new in Los Angeles.

More adventures to come soon! As always, thank you for reading.

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