So I ended up taking a very long (unintentional) hiatus from blogging. How did this happen? School… I have been rather busy running around this semester (though that does not excuse my December absence). Classes have finally quieted down a bit, so I thought I would do a quick blog post.

Back in January (when I still had a life), I had the opportunity of attending Wolvesmouth at the Wolvesden with a close friend of mine. The experience itself is actually quite secretive and you have to do a bit of research to get invitations. I don’t want to give too much of the surprise away so I’ll describe it as a secret society for food lovers.

The dinner consisted of 9 courses (including dessert) and is made with fresh local ingredients. Multiple chefs work together in creating the menu, so it was fun to see them all rushing about in the open kitchen. This first dish is actually short rib… The black mass that looks like dessert in the back is actually a glazed short rib! Really tasty and a great first course to the meal.

The second dish was an albacore gazpacho verde which contrasted the main dish quite nicely. I can’t personally say this was amazing since gazpacho is pretty standard.

I was surprised by this next dish since the main is actually rabbit meat. I definitely do not come across rabbit very often so my opinion on this is a little torn. This main actually turned out to be a lot sweeter than expected. There are actually bits of apple all over this dish and it made the dish a bit too sweet for me.

So this was the first introduction of the “covering”… It definitely was the trend of the night because this circular overlay was used multiple times. I personally believe this made the dishes not as aesthetically pleasing. It unfortunately felt like they were rushed and were just trying to hide the food. This dish (believe it or not) is a duck gyoza with purple yam and squash puree. The veil itself was also made out of squash (just in case you were wondering).

This little duck taco was an addition to the dish above and was actually a lot better than the main. But then again, what doesn’t taste good when drenched in hoisin sauce?! I would definitely say this dish was a twist on Peking duck.

This dish was definitely the beginning of the end for me… Just a simple halibut with mushrooms in creme fraiche. Nothing spectacular about this particular dish either, but it definitely was a play on Japanese cuisine. (The ingredients also listed dashi stock which is the base for tons of Japanese dishes!)

I told you this was going to be a trend… Here you have a rather unspectacular crab cake with some shrimp hiding under a potato covering. What is it topped off with? Squid ink… I’m personally not a huge fan of crab cakes so I’m likely very biased. But then again, this is my blog.

And in continuing with the circular overlay, I present to you pork belly covered in jicama. This dish has a pork al pastor jus which indicates that this was a play on Mexican food… Still not super appetizing and was a little on the sweet side for me. (They used a pineapple reduction!) This rather unspectacular main concludes dinner.

Dessert didn’t want to be left out, so they covered this as well haha… You must think I am the most bitter person ever if I’ve somehow still kept your attention. When it comes to food, I’m generally quite picky so always expect an honest review (full of complaints) if it didn’t live up to expectation. And to be quite frank, I went into this completely blind.

So back to the point! This mysterious dessert hiding under a dark purple blanket is actually a crepe. (Another trend was fusion foods!) Here we have butterscotch with pears topped with a blueberry crepe.

Our final dessert for the night was a pâte sablée (shortbread) with cherries and mascarpone. Not the most visually stunning piece but definitely my preferred dessert of the night. 

All in all, I want to say that I wasn’t too impressed by this particular menu at Wolvesmouth at the Wolvesden. At the end of the day, the meal was too sweet for my liking since I prefer savory dishes. Paying for dinner is also quite anxiety inducing. Rather than charging you a set price, each guest is handed a red envelope. So ultimately the guest gets to decide how much dinner is worth… You have been warned!

Nonetheless, the menu does change every so often, so I might consider giving it another chance. Thanks for reading and I promise to be back soon!

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